Development of pressure-sensitive adhesives: challanges, solutions and new concepts

New Industrial pressure sensitive adhesives not only have to adhere to surfaces, they also have to meet high demands on their stability and functionality. Therefore, it is important to clearly define the application of the PSA and discuss the problems and possibilities directly with the costumer. A big challenge for the successful development is to find the right adhesive, proper materials, as well as to define the accurate testing methods. However, in difficult ranges of applications several problems can only be detected in practical tests. Hence, costumer-specific development needs the support of both sides, the producer and the costumer, to finally get a suitable product. In the future it is important for the advanced development of PSAs to find new applications, new production techniques and new materials, to stay up to date with the emerging tasks and possibilities.
Duration: 17:56
Speaker: Dr. Susanna Zimmer
Company: Biolink
Conference: ECC - Novel concepts for adhesives and sealants
Location: Düsseldorf
Date: 02.02.2014