Deposition of nanoscale functional films on wood to enhance antimicrobial protection and coating durability

In the last years a significant progress has been made in the field of plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition processes under ambient pressure conditions. The aim of this work was to investigate the possibilities to deposit thin functional films on wood-based materials applying the APPJ technique. Thus, thin silicon oxide films on wood with thickness of up to about 200 nm were prepared successfully. An even broader application range can be addressed in the case of preparation of so-called composite thin films. In that case, the silicon oxide layers serve as a matrix in which certain agent nanoparticles (e.g. active agents), helpful for the desired surface property, can be embedded into the growing film matrix. Within this contribution, we will present selected results on the film characterisation itself, concerning the antimicrobial and antimycotic behaviour and finally concerning the additional application of paints and varnishes.
Duration: 25:49
Speaker: Sven Gerullis
Company: Innovent
Conference: EC WebForum Preservation
Date: 28.04.2021