Building envelopes and their potential to reduce urban heat and to improve urban air quality

The urban heat island effect and air pollution affect the well-being of the inhabitants of our cities today. Some experts suggest that special coatings for building surfaces and the propagation of more urban vegetation may improve the urban environment. Cool colors can lower the temperature by reflecting a large portion of the near infrared solar irradiance and photocatalytic coatings can oxidize nitrous gases to solid nitrates. However, the extent of these effects in the urban context is difficult to quantify. The current study assesses the potential of coatings to mitigate the heat island effect and to reduce air pollution.
Duration: 29:43
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Hartwig Künzel
Company: Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics
Conference: EC TechForum Facades 2018
Date: 18.10.2018