Building blocks and polymers for coatings based on renewable carbon

Renewable carbon is the key for a sustainable sustainable future production in the chemical industry. Already by now bio-based feedstock is used for a broad range of materials and chemicals and also other materials from alternative feedstocks like carbon dioxide captured from offgases or chemically recycled materials will be available in future. Also in the paints and coatings industry these materials are discussed as a part of a sustainable development more and more in the last years and in future they also might be an option for larger scale - although by now the share of bio-based and also CO2-based polymers in this area is quite small. Already since decades several plant oils are used as feedstock in this area and also several bio-based solvents, building blocks and polymers already play a role - and may rise in future. The presentation of the nova-Institut gives insights in the state of the art of bio-based polymers and building blocks used in the chemical and polymer industry based on the latest market reports from 2020 and shows examples from the possible use in paints and coatings. It presents the developments of interesting building blocks like succinic acid, itaconic acid or others and shows the possible role of these for paints and coatings in future. It also gives insights to the availability of renewable carbon feedstocks, to dedicated projects in the areas of industrial biotechnology and sustainable chemistry and to alternatives for a sustainable polymer production.
Duration: 01:36:19
Speaker: Achim Raschka
Company: Nova-Institut
Conference: EC TechForum Bio-based Coatings