Bonding on unknown substrates - The reality of glass replacement at vehicles

In Germany - and other countries too - we focus on two main markets. First is the car business which should be well known by our marketing campaigns. The other one is the so called "Specials" business which focuses on busses, trams, railways and commercial vehicles. All this shows, that our company has a lot of experience and knowledge on the replacement of vehicle glass. And if you take closer look on actual vehicle glass you will find that most of them are bonded into the car body. And this is the state of the art technology for all vehicle types. So the business of Carglass® today is bonding of glass. In the following we will only concentrate on the replacement of glass.
Duration: 23:43
Speaker: Georg Franken
Company: Carglass Specials
Conference: ECC - Novel concepts for adhesives and sealants
Location: Düsseldorf
Date: 01.02.2014