Biocidal efficacy boosters: better water-based coatings

What do you know about biocide boosters? Social trends and increasing regulations are heading the biocides industry to develope microbial control solutions able to bring effective protection with lower toxicity, maximised safety and friendly labelling. Preservatives that include in their formulation components for boosting the biocidal activity, are a reliable solution to protect water-based coatings from microbial growth and, at the same time, reduce side effects of biocidal active substances such as skin sensitization, toxicity and danger classification of your final products. How can we manufacture cost-effective label-free coatings? How can we go beyond the Eco-label? How can we guarantee optimal in-can protection? Learn more about how Chemipol new boosted biocides can help you to manufacture safer products with different marketing options.
Duration: 27:13
Speaker: Anna Garcia
Company: ChemiPol
Conference: EC WebForum Preservation
Date: 28.04.2021