Bio-Based coatings for fully recyclable or compostable packagings and other products

Packagings based on biodegradable plastics offer a potential solution for addressing global environmental waste problems. However, properties of the state-of-the art bio-based and biodegradable plastics often do not meet the necessary specifications (e.g. barrier properties) and are still inferior to those of established non-biodegradable plastic products. Therefore, biopolymers have only had limited use as high-quality packaging materials for food and other sensitive products up until now. We have solved this issue by nano-chemical incorporation and chemical linkage of the chemically modified biopolymers into conventional "Ormocer" barrier laquer. The biodegradable "bioOrmocer" thin coatings are highly transparent and exhibit excellent barrier performance and further functional properties e.g. antimicrobial properties triggered by moisture.
Duration: 24:43
Speaker: Dr. Victor Trapp
Company: Fraunhofer
Conference: FutureDialogue-Amsterdam-2018
Location: Amsterdam
Date: 22.11.2018