Bio-based coatings - Modern surface protection with plant-based materials

The coating industry is under increasing pressure from consumers and from governmental regulations in order to reduce the environmental impact. Drivers are especially the increasing demand for organic and environmentally safe products as well as for sustainable and resource-saving ways of production. The aim of Leinos Natural Paints is to combine proven knowledge of old techniques with modern industrial production. Leinos produces paints and varnishes for indoor and outdoor use corresponding to high technical standards. Reducing energy consumption, processing costs and emissions are special objectives as well as the reduction of hazardous additives. The application range of natural paints covers metal, cork, stone and especially wood surfaces. Special attention is given to widen the spectrum of plant oils together with closer access to raw materials and looking for shorter transport routes. The plant oils show outstanding properties with respect to the fatty acid structure. The high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids promises quick-drying properties, new functionality and an interesting way to improve coating performance. The R&D is working to develop a polyvalent oil system with fast drying and good weather resistant capabilities. Natural paint products open a new chance for the industry. Using plant or plant products as raw material for industrial products supports the new concepts of whole-plant-utilisation and of circular economy. Circular processing will integrate the demands of both industry and environment. Let´s do it, it´s worth while!
Duration: 32:56
Speaker: Dr. Ulla Eggers
Company: Leinos Naturfarben
Conference: EC TechForum Bio-based Coatings