Batch management and the mobile control room

"We need an MES! We need to get an overview of the current orders and individual batches! We have to coordinate better" is today's guiding principle of many companies. And most of them also have or are still looking for a software solution to close this information gap. But what does such an MES have to provide? While the goals have been very clear during the past years - cost transparency, batch size "1", conformity to stricter legal requirements, new types of materials / components and keeping pace with new technologies by, for example, using smart sensors - the current focus is on networking. While smart sensors and standardized interfaces routinely enable networking between machines, it is now also a matter of involving people into this network as well, supporting or replacing manual processes, placing the right information at the right time to the right employee and automating the evaluation by utilizing modern methods such as AI. An MES is thus no longer limited to the MIS contents and transparent reporting, into which a lot of brain power had previously been put, but becomes the central hub for planning, production and employee deployment - the brain of the entire value chain. This presentation is intended to demonstrate the central challenges, which have to be met by central batch management and a mobile control room within the color and coatings production: ? Integration of autonomous systems ? Global operations of smart sensors and machines on company level ? Optimization of employee deployment and employee information ? Maximum production and cost transparency ? Quality assurance and optimization
Duration: 22:46
Speaker: Verena Mersmann
Company: ProLeiT
Conference: EC Conference Automation
Location: Esslingen
Date: 22.06.2022