Application study on alicyclic amine with high functionality in corrosion protection

As a common chemical raw material-alicyclic amine is widely used in epoxy coating filed as key curing agent, such as H12MDA(diaminodicyclohexylmethane) and IPDA (3-(Aminomethyl)-3,5,5-trimethylcyclohexanamine). Also apply to corrosion protection because of unique structure, the six-membered ring, but the effect is not perfect. To improve the property of anti-corrosion, a high functionality alicyclic amine is designed. The result show it has a first-class property on corrosion protection with the overall comparison with H12MDA, IPDA and other classic amine.
Duration: 13:51
Speaker: Mr. Zhaoxing Liu
Company: Wanhua
Conference: European Coatings Show Conference 2017 (ECS Conference)
Session: Session 22: Protective coatings II
Location: Nürnberg
Date: 04.04.2017