Application of organosilicones as adhesion promoters for waterbased 2K polyurethane coatings on glass

Application of Organosilicones as Adhesion Promoters for Waterbased 2K Polyurethane Coatings on Glass// Continuously tightening local and international VOC legislations instigated considerable interest of coatings and paint scientists in developing alternative technologies, which could potentially provide products with significantly lower levels of volatile emission. Several technical routes are known in the art to tackle the problem, including the application of high and very high solids coating systems, UV-cure solvent-free technologies or powder coatings. Together with the above mentioned alternatives the waterbased approach to coating systems is one of the major directions offering paint formulators an excellent opportunity to design and maintain environmentally compliant products. Currently, the development of high-performance coating systems is gaining momentum and many research activities are focused on transferring conventional solventbased products into waterborne technologies. Herewith, it is becoming more and more important to provide coating formulators with a toolbox that can help to bridge the gap between waterbased coating systems and their more established solventbased peers. In this respect, the chemistry of organisilicones offers scientists great number of opportunities to design and formulate new waterbased coating systems with improved performance characteristics. To name a few one can mention wet surface adhesion, better water impermeability, hardness and scratch resistance, better outdoor durability etc. In the current communication we will demonstrate how various organosilicone compounds can be used to address existing limitations of waterbased polyurethane systems on glass. In particular, numerous application examples should provide important insights into the formulation of waterbased 2K polyurethane topcoat systems with improved
Duration: 31:50
Speaker: Dr Dmitry Chernyshov
Company: Momentive
Conference: European Coatings Technology Forum Glass Coatings
Session: Talk 3
Location: Berlin
Date: 18.06.2019