Advances in UV protection of both high performance and water-borne coatings

Advancing the UV protection of water-borne coatings has been a pressing need especially since the standard solvent borne higher performance UVA additives are not compatible. With the latest advances in emulsion technology and polymerizable UV absorbers, we are now able to achieve higher photo-permanence while addressing the oxidation and hydrolysis of conventional water-borne UV stabilizers. The first study discovers a highly effective water-borne light stabilizer system for wood coatings. It can achieve a better color protection effect with a half dosage. In the second study, a polymerizable UV absorber performs permanent UV coverage under the solvent extraction condition. It shows exceptional color protection superior to additive-type UVAs, to create an ultimate protective layer suitable for extreme environmental conditions.
Duration: 22:45
Speaker: Dr George Mauer
Company: Chitec Technology
Conference: European Coatings Show Congress
Location: Nürnberg
Date: 27.03.2023