Acrylic universal primer technology

New developments in European Eco-Label compliant high performance, universal acrylic primer resin technology now enable the coatings formulator to develop high quality primer coatings for a wide range of substrates. This new primer resin technology has wide applicability as a vehicle to block tannin rich wood stains and common household stains such as nicotine, ink markers and water damage. This polymer technology offers excellent adhesion to a multitude of substrates like gypsum, paper, nonferrous and ferrous metals, and a variety of plastics such as PVC. In addition, excellent adhesion, tint retention and efflorescence resistance over highly-alkaline concrete / masonry substrates can be achieved. Focus is placed on reducing paint manufacturing complexity, fast dry/overcoatability, low environmental impact, and performance / durability without the need for hazardous materials such as zinc oxide and volatile or semi-volatile organic compounds.
Duration: 17:33
Speaker: Michael Wildman
Company: Engineered Polymer Solutions
Conference: European Coatings Congress
Session: Architectural coatings I
Location: Nürnberg
Date: 21.04.2015