European Coatings Journal - 15.10.2019 | Denis Heymans | 1K PROTECTIVE COATINGS


This paper presents a new family of polymers, which combine vinyl (neo)ester and vinyl alkoxysilane monomers. Variation of process parameters, monomer composition and alkoxysilane levels yielded a series of polymers with solids content between 70-100 % and exhibiting a wide range of attractive properties. Performance evaluation of 1K and 2K moisture-cure coatings based on this costefficient and highly versatile technology demonstrates that it delivers high solids content, fast hardness development and very long shelf life, in addition to being isocyanate-free. These factors make these vinyl silane copolymers an attractive alternative to 2K polyurethanes and acrylic-alkoxysiloxanes for several topcoat applications, especially ...
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