European Coatings Journal - 01.02.2019 | PRE-CONFERENCE TUTORIAL S


PRE-CONFERENCE TUTORIAL 1 Basics of architectural coatings Markus Vogel, Evonik Resource Efficiency PRE-CONFERENCE 2 Polyurethane coatings Dr Ulrich Freudenberg, Covestro Dr Ulrich Freudenberg, Covestro PRE-CONFERENCE TUTORIAL 3 Formulating adhesives and sealants Dr Matthias Popp, Fraunhofer IFAM PRE-CONFERENCE TUTORIAL 4 Basics of anti-corrosion coatings Prof. Robert Akid, University of Manchester PRE-CONFERENCE TUTORIAL 5 Understanding biocides and the latest regulations Dr Annette Bitsch, Fraunhofer ITEM PRE-CONFERENCE TUTORIAL 6 ...
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