European Coatings Journal - 15.11.2018 | WATER-BORNE COAT INGS MARKET REPORT


Water-borne coatings contains water as the major solvent serving as a vehicle for carrying the solid components such as binders, pigments and additives. Water-borne coatings generally contain up to 15% of hydrocarbon solvents, which control the paint viscosity and wettability. Similar to conventional coatings, most of the polymer resins such as epoxies, acrylics, vinyls, polyesters, alkyds, styrene-butadiene, urethanes, and fluoropolymer are used as the binders in water-borne coatings. They work under a variety of curing chemistries, including air dry thermoplastic, aminoplast, epoxy-polyamide, oxidative, urethane, and UV cure. The global water-borne coatings market size was about EUR 62.4 billion ...
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