Understanding Coatings Raw Materials

The Mission: Everything about raw materials for paints and coatings in a single book. Explained clearly and simply, without sacrificing scientific expertise and thoroughness. The reader speedily gains a comprehensive overview of the working mechanisms and possible applications of the most common coatings raw materials. Indispensable for expert formulators and those with aspirations in that direction. The Audience: For people involved in sectors of the industry related to research and product development, production, quality assurance and testing, the supply chain, coating system specifications, technical service and marketing. Newcomers to the topic and students with a basic chemistry background who are seeking to familiarise themselves with coatings raw materials, as well as experts wishing to extend their knowledge. The Value: This book is not just a textbook for beginners, but also an invaluable reference for the experienced professional. It provides both an overview and in-depth basic knowledge of the ever-growing range of coatings raw materials.

Year of publication 2015