Understanding Additives

The Mission: To cover everything about the mode of action, application and possible side effects of the most important coatings additives - in a single volume, presented in a textbook style that reflects the needs of practical work - thus enabling readers to rapidly gain a solid grounding in these critical, yet complex constituents of all paint formulations. An indispensable companion for formulators. The Audience: Newcomers to the topic and students with a basic chemistry background who want to extend their practical experience, as well as experts wishing to enlarge their knowledge. All those seeking to broaden their practical experience by learning how additives can be used to control paint properties and to avoid formulating errors. The Value: This book is not just a textbook for beginners, but an invaluable reference for the experienced professional. It provides both an overview and in-depth basic knowledge of the most important classes of additives. The various types of damage eliminated or prevented by additives are vividly illustrated with colour photos. Practitioners will further welcome the guide formulations for explaining how the additives are used.

Year of publication 2019
Edition 2