The Rheology Handbook

The Mission: Extremely practical coverage of the mathematical and physical principles behind rheology - from flow properties to viscoelastic behavior to taking actual measurements and inter­preting them correctly. To provide a sound basis for learning about the principles of rheology and successfully applying them. The Audience: Beginners with no previous knowledge of rheology, as well as advanced users seeking to refresh their knowledge and find out about the latest developments. For all those who seek a deeper understanding of rheology or who simply want a reference book for their daily work. The Value: This book describes the principles of rheology clearly, vividly and in practical terms. The fifth edition of this standard work has been expanded to include the rheology of additives in water-based dispersions and surfactant systems. Not only is it a great reference book, it can also serve as a textbook for studying the theory behind the methods.

Year of publication 2020
Edition 5