Sol-Gel-Technology in Praxis

The Mission: To understand how sol-gel technology works in practice and how to successfully apply it in laboratory, with just the right amount of theory - not too much and not too little. Simplified in such a way that, in view of the pressure to deliver results in industrial and institutional research environments, it can be read quickly and the knowledge gained can be immediately translated into concrete solutions. The Audience: Hands-on beginners who want to develop a basic understanding of sol-gel and nano-technology by working through specific recipes on routine laboratory issues. Advanced formulators seeking a practical guide that will lead them straight to implementable solutions. The Value: Finally! A book on the topic of sol gels that focuses on practical application. With 61 real-life examples drawn from patent literature and accompanying explanations and interpretations, you will gain a basic understanding of how sol-geltechnology works in practice.

Year of publication 2014