Silicone Resins and their Combinations

The Mission: Getting to know and understand silicone resins and their combinations - from the basics of the chemical structure which characterises their properties to the special features underpinning their use as binders in various application areas. This affords a way of gaining a current overview of this important class of raw materials. Essential for any formulator of competitive modern paint systems. The Audience: Newcomers, career-changers, students and professionals wanting to broaden and deepen their knowledge and who seek key background information to assist them with the selection and use of modern silicones. For those wanting not only to consider the specifics of the underlying chemistry, but also to learn about the practical uses of silicones. The Value: This completely revised and expanded new edition provides a deep insight into the most important aspects of the properties and applications of this class of binders. It offers a clear and vivid overview of the current status of the use of silicones and their combinations in various coating systems.

Year of publication 2014
Edition 2nd Revised Edition