Pigment Processing

The Mission: To impart a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the physico-chemical aspects of pigment use - from the physical properties of pigments to the optical properties of pigmented systems and rheological behaviour of pigment dispersions through to mill base optimisation. It will provide every pigment technologist with an essential overview of the state of the art. The Audience: Chemists, physicists and paint technologists taking their first steps to become acquainted with pigment application technology in the pigment manufacturing or processing industry. To make this monograph accessible to the largest-possible technical group, the mathematical treatment has been kept to the bare minimum. Consequently, it will be of interest not only to colourists, technicians and laboratory assistants engaged in industrial pigment research, development, application or production, but also to those in the relevant technical universities and research institutes. The Value: This book fills the gap left by most works on the subject of pigments. It provides a practical comprehensive description and explanation of the fundamental principles of pigment processing, and will bring pigment technologists fully up to date on the current understanding of the physico-chemical principles of pigment application technology, obviating the need for them to sift through stacks of journals on the subject.

Year of publication 2015
Edition 2nd Revised Edition