High Solid Binders

The Mission: To conserve resources, protect the environment, and yet formulate high performance coatings at an acceptable cost. These challenges are readily met by high solids. Such systems are the epitome of high performance and low environmental impact. They are usually the best option where solvent-borne systems would otherwise be the only choice. The Audience: Formulators seeking proficiency and a deeper knowledge of high solid systems as well as experts wishing to have such knowledge at their fingertips. Binder chemists will find in this book a review of the instruments they need in respect of the chemistries and design of modern filmforming-compliant polymers. The book is recommended to all readers seeking a thorough understanding of high solid systems, from selection of the binder through to formulation. The Value: This book delivers comprehensive knowledge in the field of high solid systems. More especially, it provides an overview of the various classes of binders and ways of transforming them into high solid binders. It lists a broad range of options and approaches for tackling technological and environmental problems.

Year of publication 2008