Design of Experiments for Coatings

The Mission: A concise, yet comprehensive and readily accessible overview of the effects and benefits of applying statistical design of experiments (DOE) to the development of coatings, backed up by practical examples in a book that does not overload the reader with statistics and mathematics. Essential for anyone who needs to efficiently develop and formulate coatings. The Audience: Students and professionals wishing to gain a solid understanding of coatings development using design of experiments (DOE), as well as experienced coatings formulators seeking to immerse themselves in this area with a view to leveraging its huge potential and being even more effective in their development work. The Value: Statistical design of experiments explained in practical terms. The book starts with a concrete example taken from the paint lab. This is followed by an overview of the methods comprising the design of experiments, so that you have everything at your finger tips when choices have to be made in practice. A further chapter deals with data analysis. Some common commercial software solutions are then described. In short: everything you need to dive into the topic quickly and efficiently and to start using DOE straight away.

Year of publication 2014