BASF Handbook Basics of Coating Technology

Dr Thomas Brock, Professor emeritus of coatings chemistry and technology " The BASF Handbook on the Basics of Coating Technology' has been the de facto standard reference work for coating technology for some considerable time and so needs no introduction. It has now been revised and updated by the authors, two coatings experts with a profound knowledge of coating chemistry and technology, to incorporate the latest developments in coating technology. In a new chapter on nanoproducts they define what nanobased coatings are, describe how they are manufactured and show the industries in which they are used. Further new sections touch on low-emissions, biobased materials, wind turbine coating, and smart coatings. The chapters on environmental and quality management have been brought up to date and a highly comprehensive, revised list of source literature and standards added. This book contains a wealth of basic information spanning the manufacture, application and properties of coatings and coating materials, along with further information on how the industry is structured. It is essential reading for anyone interested in paints and surface coatings, be they students, laboratory assistants, paint technicians, engineers, chemists, or paint users.

Year of publication 2018
Edition 3