Accelerated Testing

The Mission: Modern high-performance exterior coatings are expected to meet special demands. They must defy the elements as long as possible. For, weathering gradually leads to a gradual deterioration in the quality-determining paint properties. This process needs to be delayed for as long as possible. Predictions of coating durability are essential, though, and must be obtained in the shortest time possible. The Audience: Paint testers seeking an in-depth introduction to the topic and to perform accelerated weathering tests successfully. Paint developers seeking to better evaluate the strengths and weaknesses as regards the predictability and portability of results of the various different kinds of accelerated weathering with a view to being able to counter the risk of wrong decisions about whether to commence production or to cancel a new development. The Value: This fundamental work shows how to identify the weak points of accelerated testing, to avoid errors and thus to boost confidence in the test results. Boasting a compact theoretical section on the key fundamentals of paint ageing, this book imparts the necessary expert knowledge that will enable paint testers to make an informed choice about the methods and instruments to employ in accelerated weathering.

Year of publication 2008